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MDMA available in stock

Nayochem wich to inform all customer that MDMA that has been out of stock for sometimes now is available. Also we now do expres delivery 2 days to within Europe, buy MDMA crystal now at our shop.

12 thoughts on “MDMA available in stock

  1. How do we know the item will be shipped

    1. All our delivery is 100% guaranteed that’s why you see our site up and running on search engines

    2. To me Nayochem is one of the fast and legit site i have ever ordered from. Thanks

  2. Wow I’m very excited i received my package with a little extra in it. Coming back for more!!

  3. Your stuff was good but i didn’t received my order on time what happen?

    1. Hey George may I have a chat with u am new to this just wanna know a few details thanks

  4. Why can’t you ship to South Africa? And what do you charge per ounce or gram of the purest mdma you’ve got and how pure r is it

  5. How long does it usually take to receive an order?

  6. I want to buy some mdma

  7. I would like to buy some mdma

  8. I need details on mdma

  9. How much is ounce

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