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About us, we have been doing this business for quite a long time so we know what our customers want. This company is run by a group of individuals assigned to one task.  We always make sure that there is someone online to answer your question if needed.

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We are a company that deals with Research Chemicals and our products are of good quality.Our product are always available cos we do whole sale and retail and deal with many manufacturing company so as to make sure that our customers get exactly what they want.

We are also one of the largest company that supply Research chemical online,we offer worldwide shipping and also do discreet delivery which is very safe and guaranteed.

This company started since 2005 in Berlin Germany when we where still operating in the street and we later work hard and established in U.S.A working as a team with other companies.Back in the days we where well known as pain off cos we started dealing with Pain Killer and then we where the best in the street cos we fight hard to create connection with others everyday.Being what we are today is due to our hard work and we are still working harder to make sure we satisfy all our customers both home and abroad.

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